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The Birth of God

A New Course for Advent 2022

Thursdays, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd of December at 6:15-7:30pm St Anne's Church

A series of four sessions looking at some of the themes of Advent, spiritual longing, waiting, judgement and the birth of God within us and among us. Each session will be based around selected readings from the Bible.

For More Information contact Ben

(01273 933357 or

​Session One: (Thursday the 1st)

Longing for God

A theme in Advent is longing for the divine interruption in our lives. We look at this motif of spiritual longing in Psalm 42.

Session Two: (Thursday the 8th)

Judgement, Mercy and Love

Advent is a season where we consider God’s judgement in Christ. Judgement is a complex word in the Christian tradition, and we consider some of its aspects by looking at John 8 1-19.

Session Three: (Thursday the 15th)

Waiting for the Beloved

​We will look at ideas of waiting, expectation and desire in The Song of Solomon

3:1-5 and 5:1-8.

Session Four: (Thursday the 22nd)

The Birth of God

Advent is the journey towards the miracle of God’s birth among us and within us. We look at this through Luke’s account of the Annunciation 1:26-38.



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