We wanted to alert you you to a new venture in prayer!

Jesus has been laying on many of our hearts the need to pray at this time of change and transition. So we are delighted to hear that Churches Together in the Lewes Area are endorsing a virtual 24/7 prayer event, on 19th and 20th March, to pray for our community, our world and ourselves. It begins at 8am on the Friday morning and runs until midnight on the Saturday - Forty Hours of Prayer. If you have the time, please sign up for whatever time suits you. No reason why, if more than one person signs up for the same slot, why they shouldn't pray independently, or, if desired, by mutual agreement, pray together on the phone or via Zoom. We have set up a virtual prayer room online at http://www.michaelrobson.org/?page_id=3222 Follow the link to find out more about what is happening and how you can take part. Of course we can't meet to pray face to face, but there will be some Zoom sessions. We warmly invite as many of you as can to take part. We look forward to seeing you.