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Sunday Bulletin

Sunday 7th May 2023

Today we celebrate The Coronation of King Charles

8am Communion 10am Civic Service with Communion

We pray for the sick and remember those who have died


473 The Church’s one Foundation

474 The Day of Resurrection

518 Thy Hand, O God, has Guided

53 Be still, for the Presence of the Lord

76 Christ is Made the Sure Foundation


Climate Service: There will be service for creation next Sunday the 14th at St Anne’s at 6:30pm. Come to celebrate the beauty of creation. Come to seek stillness and silence. Come to listen to the stories of our global neighbours. Come to respond in prayer and song and action. Come to meet with each other.

Supporting Our Church

There will be a collection during the offertory Hymn, Thy Hand, O God, has Guided. Please note that you can also donate using our card reader at the back of church.

The World Made Strange: A Series of 5 Meetings on the Parables of Jesus.

Meeting at St Michael’s Church. Wednesdays at 7pm. 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of June and 5th of July.

Please join us for our new course where we look at Jesus’ parables. More details available at the back of church. The course is open to all in our church family and to newcomers. For more details please contact Ben.

LUNCH TIME CONCERT, Thursday 25th of May, 1:10pm. Yukiko Osedu (piano)

Sonne Honda (violin) Janet Reed (cello). Includes music by Faure and Kapostin.

Come and Pray at St Anne’s: Morning Prayer Mon-Fri, 9:15am, prayers and readings to enrich your day. Silent Prayer, Tuesdays, 7am, a time for contemplation and stillness followed by a reading from the Bible.


ST ANNE'S WEBSITE: - This is a reminder that our website offers resources for our growth in discipleship. On the website you can now find recent sermons collated in one place under the tag sermons. Also, we have a regular slot called Spiritual Reflections which aims to look at questions of faith in a fresh, imaginative way. Contact Ashley or Ben if you can't find the content.

ONLINE AND CARD TRANSACTIONS: Donations can also be made through our website (the DONATE button is in the top right-hand corner of every page).



Please feel free to phone me or drop me an email. I'll be delighted to hear from you. My contact details are:

Rev'd Ben Brown, 01273 933357, email:



The Church website has a diary, showing all the dates of things happening within the church. Click on "What's On" and select "Diary".



We are on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the website. So, if you wish to be kept up to date with the latest announcements or information, between services, then follow:



If you would like anything added to the Notices, please speak to Ashley. - 01273 409410

(For items to be on next Sunday's sheet, please supply to me by Thursday)

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