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Sunday Bulletin

Sunday 2nd October 2022

8am: Ben, 10am: Celebrant and Preacher: Judith

R.I.P. Marilyn Dodd

We Pray for the Sick:

Tracy, Liz, Colleen, Pat (Peters)

We Remember: Brewis Powell, Daisy Fennemore, Amy Eades, John Tilbury


372 O Jesus, I have promised

466 Teach me, my God and King

21 All things bright and beautiful

375 O let the Son of God enfold you

532 We have a gospel to proclaim

LILI STEVENS – BAPTISM: Lili will be baptised today at the 10.00 service. Please pray for Lili, her parents James and Martha, and her godparents Tris, Sarah and Geni.


NEXT WEEK: Next Sunday (9th) the Caring and Sharing tin will be on the font for donations.

ST ANNE'S DRAMA GROUP for children aged 8-13 meets this afternoon at 3pm at St Mary's Hall, Highdown Road, BN7 1QA. If you have any questions about this contact Ben.

SILENT PRAYER Tuesday 4th (St Anne's): A chance to deepen our awareness of God in stillness and silence. Do come, particularly if you haven't before.

SPIRITUAL SEEKING Wednesday 5th, 7pm: This week we will be discussing Other Faiths; how do we learn from the insights and revelations of other faiths in the growth of our spiritual lives?

24 Barons Down Road, BN7 1ES

HARVEST: A huge thank you for all those who gave so generously to Family Support last week. And another thank you for all who decorated the church for Harvest and made it look so beautiful.


ST ANNE'S WEBSITE: - This is a reminder that our website offers resources for our growth in discipleship. On the website you can now find recent sermons collated in one place under the tag sermons. Also, this week we start a regular slot called Spiritual Reflections which aims to look at questions of faith in a fresh, imaginative way. Contact Ashley or Ben if you can't find the content.


PRAYER AT ST ANNE'S: A Church is, at heart, a house of prayer, a place where we can encounter God at a new level of depth and delight. Do join us for prayer this month. Morning Prayer is Mon-Fri at 9:15am and Contemplative Prayer, a time of silent love and attention, is at 7pm on Tuesdays. Please note Contemplative Prayer is on a break for August. It will return Tuesday 6th September.


ONLINE AND CARD TRANSACTIONS: Donations can also be made through our website (the DONATE button is in the top right-hand corner of every page).



Please feel free to phone me or drop me an email. I'll be delighted to hear from you. My contact details are:

Rev'd Ben Brown, 01273 933357, email:



The Church website has a diary, showing all the dates of things happening within the church. Click on "What's On" and select "Diary".



We are on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the website. So, if you wish to be kept up to date with the latest announcements or information, between services, then follow:



If you would like anything added to the Notices, please speak to Ashley. - 01273 409410

(For items to be on next Sunday's sheet, please supply to me by Thursday)

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