Share The Hope Advent Calendar

Share The Hope Advent Calendar

From TRINITY LEWES website:

Share the Hope is an Advent calendar for the digital age (without the chocolate!). It’s about hearing hope and sharing hope - especially in this strange and difficult season we are all living through - because Advent is really less about chocolate and all about hope.

Often December can be a really busy month with all the Christmas preparation. Whilst it may be a season of joy, it can also be a time of anxiety, stress and sadness. This year we hope that we can bring you a dose of encouragement, a reflection that takes you away from the worries of this world, opening a door into hope, each day of December until Christmas.

Join us for ‘Share the Hope’ and we’ll send you 5 minutes of hope each day via email. Each post will include a reflection, a bit of the Christmas story and something to share. Or you can read the each post on the TRINITY website here, or on their Facebook page.

We hope that those receiving or reading the posts will themselves share some hope by passing on what they have read - sharing the posts on social media for example, or by taking part in the share actions for each day.