Covid 19 update

Dear Friends,

It has been good to welcome people back to church over the last couple of months. We are continuing to hold a said service of Holy Communion each Sunday at 10 a.m. We are following the guidelines set by the Government, the Church of  England and Bishop Martin, with a view to keeping everyone safe.

We will no longer be posting pre-recorded services on YouTube, at least for the time being. Peter Shears, who has been responsible for putting these services together, is now back at school teaching. Instead we are producing an audio recording of our Sunday service, which will be uploaded to the website on Mondays. If you are unable to return to church at the moment and you have ideas about other ways in which we can support you, please let me know.

The process for appointing a new Rector to the benefice of St Anne, St Michael and St Thomas at Cliffe is now well underway, and we pray that God will call the man or woman of His choice to these lovely parishes.

God bless you,


The Reverend Canon Judith Egar