Appeal for help

Dear Friends,

I hope that all is well with you in the present difficult circumstances

Jean Gould, Co-Chair of the Lewes Organisation in Support of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers, asked me if the following notice could be circulated via Churches Together networks. I would be most grateful if you could include it in your online newsletter or Facebook page.

With very best wishes and thanks for your continuing support

Gretel Scott

Churches together in the Lewes Area

A mature female refugee, previously employed and settled in Lewes, recently graduated from the University of Winchester and has now returned to Lewes.

She currently works part-time as an interpreter but is seeking more regular employment in the area and looking for low cost accommodation.

She would prefer a room (happy to share kitchen and bathroom facilities), preferably with a family or an older person. Unfortunately she is allergic to cats and dogs.

Our friend can provide excellent references, and would be ready to move as soon as the current lockdown arrangements allow.

Please contact the Lewes Organisation in Support of Refugees and Asylum Seekers at with your details if you may be able to help